German Court Orders the Parliament to Release UFO Report

A German citizen has won his first battle in an effort to view a UFO report created by the Scientific Service of the German Parliament (aka Bundestag). After attempts by the Bundestag to block the document’s release, the Berlin Administrative Court has ruled that the German citizen has the right to read the document as requested. The Bundestag is appealing the decision, sending it to the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg for a final decision.

Germany has claimed that they have never officially investigated the UFO phenomena. However, other European nations, such as Britain and France, have not only held official investigations, they have released thousands of previously classified documents. This is what has inspired German citizen Frank Reitemeyer in his quest to seek out Germany’s X-Files. He told the Berlin court:

I want to know facts and it bothers me that in France, England, USA, Canada, the citizens can see the UFO files, and I am not informed as a German from my German government. It is therefore such a glaring discrepancy…In France, a citizen is automatically informed by his government because the government provides the UFO files to the website of the space agency, so officially on the government side, anyone can view the documents free at home.

The document in question is titled, The search for extraterrestrial life and the implementation of UN Resolution A/33/426 on the observation of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life forms. Reitemeyer knew of its existence due to the efforts of a UFO disclosure organization called Exopolitics Germany.

President of the organization, Robert Fleicher, says a draft of the document was discovered in 2009. A freelance journalist, Lower Saxony, had contacted Fleicher asking him for some convincing evidence for UFOs that he could show a member of the Bundestag, Gitta Connemann, who he was about to interview. Fleicher sent them Exopolitics’ usual UFO briefing documents along with other files. Saxony said that Connemann was very impressed and promised to look into the issue further. A few weeks later she forwarded the UN report to Saxony, who then sent it to Fleicher. Fleischer shared the document with the media, and excerpts were printed in the German newspaper, Welt Kompakt.

The document reviews materials that Germany had sent the UN in response to a UFO resolution passed in 1978 intended to create an “agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena.” The initiative was sponsored by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy. Huffington Post reporter, Lee Speigel, aided Gairy in his effort by arranging audio visual UFO evidence for the presentation to the United Nations. Although the resolution passed, few countries chose to participate.

The document also contains information as to whether or not the German government conducted official UFO investigations during the Cold War. Andreas Schutz of the German Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics told Weltz Online that he has never heard of the German government investigating UFOs in relation to aliens, but says it is plausible that they did take reports on unidentified aircraft during the cold war. However, Munich physics professor Herald Lech replied: “I am convinced that German ministry officials have never dealt with UFOs. Why should aliens visit here? They should go to France because there is at least good food. “

For now the decision lies with the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. The Bundestag claims that Germany’s freedom of information laws do not pertain to their office of Scientific Service and that their copyright laws allow them to keep the documents private. Although the Berlin Administrative Court disagreed, no one is certain whether the Supreme Administrative Court will uphold that decision.

via Alejandro Rojas: German Court Orders the Parliament to Release UFO Report.

UFOs Research Reveals Hybrid Human Aliens Who Want The Change In 2011

 VENETA, Ore. – While it’s true that the extravagance of UFO claims over the past 60 years far outstrips the supporting evidence; what about hybrid human aliens who live on this Earth, state UFO experts and thousands of once top secret government UFO documents that point to a rash in abductions.

Many believe that there is “proof” that hybrid human-aliens exist on Earth; while these “hybrids” point to something they’ve dubbed as “The Change” happening in 2011 that will create a new morass of UFO confusion in the scientific community. The hybrids are often quoted in interviews, or from myth created by fans or believers who “channel” thoughts and ideas. In fact, there’s new efforts “to analyze UFO-and-abduction phenomenon’s similarities to ancient myths and legends,” says David M. Jacobs, editor of UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge.” Jacobs advises all people to “sort out the signal from the noise surrounding this complex and controversial subject.”

In turn, other UFO abduction experts point to good reasons why they believe in UFOs and aliens here on Earth either involved in abductions or as hybrids. The experts outline the difference, for example, between the stimulus (puzzling sightings and encounters) and the stimulated (witnesses, investigators, theorists, skeptics and spiritual seekers) to reveal “a complex and shifting phenomenon that continues to challenge our understanding of reality,” writes Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Encyclopedia.

Encounter with hybrid is “no big deal” at the Oregon Country Fair where “beings are beings”

Lou has hair that’s silver and white. He’s old but it’s difficult to know how old: 60, 70, 80? He has a hard jaw, tendoned neck, deep chest; wearing no shirt but just a flowered shawl and jeans during the recent “Oregon Country Fair” in the deep and lush woods of Veneta, Oregon, located about 15 miles west of Eugene off Highway 101. The “Fair” as it’s dubbed by locals over the past 42 years – since the Fair began in 1969 after it grew out of “Grateful Dead” visits each summer – attracts more than 50,000 each year during its three-day festival, July 8-10, and with all those retro-hippie and “Baby Boomer” folk are, says Lou, some hybrids.

In turn, this remarkable man who claims to be a ‘hybrid,’ said “the Country Fair gives us a chance to blend in with no worry.” At the same time, fellow “Fair” goers remarked that “he (Lou) looks like his arms have been squeezed from tubes.” Yes, Lou does indeed to be tall and straight, lithe and supple.

Lou and other “hybrids” revealed in new book about the myth and mystery of UFOs

During popular “UFO” discussions at the recent “Oregon Country Fair” – that features over 1,000 craftsmen and arts, along with 35 different stage venues for “social issue and science discussions,” the debate over the whole spectrum of speculations on alien visitations, aliens living amongst us and abductions, seemed to center on a new book “The Myth and Mystery of UFOs,” by Thomas E. Bullard who is a board member of the Center for UFO Studies and the Fund for UFO Research.

Bullard is also author of the groundbreaking UFO book about “hybrids,” that he claims in “UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery and The Sympathetic Ear: Investigators as Variables in UFO Abduction Reports,” and in his new book about the “myth and mystery of UFOs,” that hybrid research may be the reason for so many abductions.

But, it’s now just Bullard who feel that with the advent of abduction, it introduces “new dangers from UFOs on a personal level,” that leaves no one safe.

While Lou did not seem a danger to other “unusual” people at the recent Oregon Country Fair, Bullard notes that it’s the “hunters” who are the danger and not so much the “results” of their experiments here on Earth. Still, Bullard writes that humans are not safe from alien contact and abduction; “not even at home in bed, as aliens claimed defenseless captives without so much as a please or thank-you. Many abductees compared themselves to guinea pigs.”

The Change expected in 2011 with hybrids revealing themselves

“The aliens promised a transition to come, a time of bliss and peace called ‘The Change’ but undercurrents suggested that the reality would bring not equality and coexistence but a world with the human element replaced by the alien in a subtle takeover of the Earth without firing a shot,” writes Bullard while referencing the other David M. Jacobs “The Threat.”

In turn, Bullard’s claims about “hybrids” and “abductions” and new “fears about alien contact in 2011,” are supported in thousands of once secret documents that are now available at the following websites thanks to various governments freedom of the information act laws.

At the same time, Bullard points to persistent sightings of UFOs that on a day-to-day basis, commands the urgent attention of scientists, scholars and mainstream journalists. Bullard points to the government UFO files for answers that he says “lies in mysterious, frustrating and ever evolving phenomenon that refuses to go away and our collective efforts to understand it.”

UFOs Research Reveals Hybrid Human Aliens Who Want The Change In 2011 | Before It’s News.

“Something significant is about to happen to the human race. “

British UFO

A photograph of a phenomenon taken by a retired Royal Air Force officer issued by The National Archives in the UK. Picture: AP. Source: AP

AN Australian man sent by “the lights” to unify humans are among thousands of UFO claims made to the UK Ministry of Defence.

The previously classified files were this week released for the first time by the National Archives and contain more than 8500 pages revealing how UFO sightings and alien abductions have been discussed by the world’s most powerful governments.

The document haul, which is the largest government file release of its kind in the UK, include eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects across Britain, Norway and even Australia.

One member of the British public, whose name has been removed from the file, wrote to the Ministry of Defence  in 2001 demanding they investigate an alleged US and Australian cover-up of flying objects seen at the Pine Gap space station near Alice Springs.

Documents in the file claim footage taken from the Space Shuttle Discovery Mission on September 15, 1991, show “what appears to be around a dozen objects moving in the area of the orbiter” as it travels above Pine Gap.

“Suddenly, the objects stop moving and there is a `flash’ seen and all the objects then move off on different routes,” the document says.

Seconds later, two streaks shoot out from the earth.

The document then says NASA later explained the “objects” as debris illuminated by the sun.

In a letter to the person who called for the inquiry into the sightings, the MoD admitted they could only offer a “disappointing reply”.

“There are some aspects, which for reasons of national security are just not open for discussion,” an MoD official wrote. In regards to the sightings and activities at Pine Gap, the MoD official replied: “We can neither confirm nor deny UK interest in intelligence that emanates from this station”.

In another file, an insistent London mother-of-three claimed she spent two decades being visited by “the lights”.

Calling herself a “have seen”, or someone who has met aliens, she said she had her first encounter with “the lights” in the middle of her divorce.

In a letter dated 1998, the woman, whose name has been removed, writes that aliens chose her second husband – an Australian man.

“He is Australian (white) and I am Barbadian (black); quite opposite to each other,” she writes.

“We were being brought together to represent the Unity between the Opposite Forces – the positive and negative forces.

“We were to represent the coming together (unity) of the black and the white people.”

At the time of the letter, the woman had been happily married to her Australian husband for 16 years and they had a teenage daughter and were continuing their work for “the lights” by uniting the human race.

The woman stressed that extraterrestrial beings were revealing themselves to humans so abundantly “because something significant is about to happen to the human race. Ignore them at your peril”.

Britain’s own X-Files reveal Aussie links | Adelaide Now.

Britain Releases UFO ‘Close Encounter’ files

By John Fahey, PA

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Handout photo issued by The National Archives of a doughnut-shaped phenomenon was photographed by a retired RAF officer and sent to his old bosses tasked with investigating UFOs.


Military sightings of UFOs, an “alien abduction” in London and an unidentified aircraft shadowing a Lancaster bomber feature among thousands of close-encounter documents released by the National Archives today.

The extra-terrestrial files reveal how the phenomenon was discussed at the highest level of government and security services worldwide, including at the United Nations (UN), the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was even the subject of a debate in the House of Lords.

The previously-classified records show that in January 1979 – during the peak of the “Winter of Discontent” – in addition to discussions on trade union strikes, the House of Lords held a debate of the subject of UFOs – the only full debate on UFOs ever held in British Parliament.

The files reveal that in December 1977 the government used its influence to talk down a call by Grenada president, Sir Eric Gairy, for a UN agency to conduct research into UFO sightings.

Gairy eventually withdrew his proposal but continued his campaign for a full UN debate on UFOs – calling on the UN General Assembly to make 1978 “the year of the UFO”.

One of the 35 newly-released files shows 15 unidentified aircraft were detected on radar approaching the UK between January and July 2001 in the months leading up to 9/11.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) received just one UFO report (with no radar corroboration) on September 11 itself.

Other highlights include:

* Claims that the Home Office had emergency procedures for dealing with landed and crashed satellites and UFOs.

* Details on RAF interception policy during the Cold War – when aircraft were scrambled on a daily basis to intercept Warsaw Pact aircraft approaching the UK coast.

* US policy files on UFOs, including CIA papers discussing the use of UFO reports for “psychological warfare”.

* An alleged UFO sighting by crew of HMS Manchester off the coast of Norway and how the logbook recording the incident could not be recovered.

* A man who believed he may have been abducted by aliens after seeing an unusual aircraft one evening and experiencing a period of missing time.

* One report describing a “War of the Worlds” incident in 1967 that, for a few hours at least, was treated as a potentially real “alien invasion” of the UK.

The RAF were flooded with calls from the public reporting six small “flying saucers” discovered in locations in a perfect line across southern England from the Isle of Sheppey to the Bristol Channel.

Four police forces, bomb disposal units, the army and the MoD’s intelligence branch were all mobilised before it emerged the saucers were a ‘rag-day’ hoax by engineering students from Farnborough Technical College.

The tranche of files also detail in full the freedom of information requests and letters from “persistent enquirers” that led to the MoD opening the UFO files for the first time in history.

Dr David Clarke, author of the book The UFO Files and senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “Before the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, we had to wait 30 years or more before we could see files on UFOs.

“Following its introduction, questions on UFOs ranked in the top-three most popular FOI requests received by the Ministry of Defence.

“I was one of the MoD’s most ‘persistent correspondents’ and eventually persuaded MoD and other government departments to release their information on this perplexing and controversial subject.

“You can see from the files that I wasn’t the only one interested in the subject, with the phenomenon discussed at the highest level of government right across the globe.”

Today’s release is the largest disclosure of documents so far by The National Archives.

The files contain over 8,500 pages of UFO sightings and reports, colour photographs and drawings, RAF investigations, unusual radar detections, parliamentary briefings and – for the first time – documents on the government’s policy on UFOs.

The policy files show the discussions and correspondence that led to a change in government policy on UFOs and the formation of a UFO sighting hotline.

Details in the files show how the workload of the UFO desk at the MoD increased by 50% during 1996/97, due to media interest in the subject around the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident.

The files are available to download for free for a month from the website:

‘Close Encounter’ files released – This Britain, UK – The Independent.