Sleepy Lazy Cat Amigurumi

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We made a cute cat of amigurumi with the body part was knitted. We don’t make works of a similar example and shading, so perhaps it will be a good point. Why does he look lazy and sleepy? Maybe he … Continued

Cute Sleepy Rat Amigurumi

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This is a rat amigurumi with a truly sleepy look. It’s cute and look so fashionable. Both parts of the knitted body and the legs are contain wire as a holding point. Size : 15.5 cm (full length). Material : … Continued

Sleepy Frog Amigurumi

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It is a cute frog amigurumi with a sleepy look. The legs contain wire, so he can stand up. The body part is weaved. Size : 14.5 cm (full length). Material : wool (such as wool), cotton, cloth, wire, fake … Continued

Amigurumi : The Bear Couple Got Married

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We made a cute couple bear of amigurumi. Yes it’s nice, they got married. They are perfect pairs, aren’t they? The color of bouquet and costume can be changed according to your favorite color. Size per unit : height around … Continued

Dolphin Amigurumi Wear Marine Hat

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I create stylish dolphin amigurumi wearing a marine hat. The hat is removable, so would be ideal if you make the most of your most loved layout. Material : acrylic wool, stick eyes (plastic), cotton. Size : Dolphin 5 x … Continued

Energetic Cute Dog Amigurumi

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Hi, this is a cute dog of amigirumi with wearing “swarovski blue sapphire” pendant on his neck. Eyes and nose are handled items. Everything else is carefully assembled. Material : polyester, acrylic wool, cotton, string, hide yarn. Size : Height … Continued

Dog Amigurumi in the Basket

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In a little palm-sized basket, I endeavored to embed a dog of amigurumi. If it’s not too much trouble design even toward the edge of the room. Size : Height 8.5 cm × width 6 cm × width 4 cm. … Continued

Lovely Polar Bear Amigurumi

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Hello, i’m a cute white bear who has been sewn from wool. I am holding a pink heart with the letter of LOVE in the center. This is perfect for a gift. Size : sitting stature about 14.5 cm. Please … Continued

Girl Amigurumi Wearing Beret

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It’s a cute girl amigurumi, made with stick weaving. A young lady with a wine red beret and a green creased skirt at the point. And the color of clothes can adjust according to your favorite. The size is about … Continued