2 comments on “The truth does that to you

  1. The truth is the one thing that “the powers that be” hate. As with any abuse situation where one person wants all the control, the way they control the victim is through intimidation and fear. They count on the victim keeping their mouth shut out of fear of reprisal. That perpetuates the abuse because it is shrouded in secrecy. As soon as the victim starts talking openly about the abuse, in other words starts tell the truth; the abuser is panicked. Their whole empire could be destroyed if the truth be known, so they try to discredit and destroy the victim in order to keep their secrets. It is very dangerous for the victim because the abuser has no conscience and will do anything in order to keep control and the fragile life they have built on lies.
    The truth will destroy everything they have worked so hard to build. Once one person starts telling the truth before you know it others are speaking out too and it grows, all it takes is one or two people to break the silence and the abuser starts to see his world fall apart. If he has to operate on truth he won’t be in control and be able to intimidate and manipulate people.
    It is the same with government and it is in domestic abuse cases. The abuser tells the lies and does the damage and the victims keep the secrets. If the victims speak out the abuser will have to stop doing what they are doing.
    The fact remains until there are hundred of victims speaking out those first few are in grave danger because they do not have “safety in numbers” and are a few against many. But without those first brave souls the war is lost, we need them to break the silence so others feel safe to do so.
    Be careful my friend.

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