One comment on “Bhutan has Embraced the Phallus for Centuries

  1. In the January 2000 issue of Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical on the religious left, Carol Crossed of Democrats For Life, a self-described vegetarian based on concern for global hunger and associated with the Christian anti-hunger charity Bread for the World, wrote favorably about the Buddhist nation of Bhutan, even though it is not a secular country or a secular nation, but a Buddhist theocracy.

    Carol Crossed wrote:

    “The marriage of government and religion is displayed by the dzongs, or monasteries, that serve as administrative government offices. The relationship of spiritual and civic is not symbolic but symbiotic… Buddhism permeates secular life. acred history is a contemporary morality play… Most homes of any size have altar rooms with pictures of Guru Rimpoche, the father of Mahayana Buddhism, Bhutan’s official religion.

    “Through temple iconography and children’s art, we learn about the tree of life, and the interconectedness of ourselves with other beings. We learn of the five precepts which are a vehicle for happiness. The first is ‘I vow to refrain from taking life.’ The third is ‘I vow to refrain from sexual misconduct.’

    “… never accept or offer a gift with the left hand, which is considered unclean… I found opportunities to ask Bhutanese what they thought of the promotion of condoms among the youth. A young mayor of a village and I walked back from a festival along a stony path. ‘It is an injustice to the Buddhas,’ he said.

    “Lambdu was a young, unmarried professional woman who worked in a government office. We gave her a ride to the next town. When asked about sex before marriage, she giggled and covered her face. ‘It’s dirty!’ she said.

    “But one young teacher of junior high said condoms were becoming necessary. In his tiny valley, generators for television were making a debut this year as they were throughout Bhutan. And American videos were already available. Had he seen any? ‘Yes, Pulp Fiction.'”


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