11 comments on ““Aliens exist but we should avoid them”

  1. There re many civilizations…some violent…and some not violent. When you have time, Google that Aliens did intervene during war time….specific bombs wouldn’t go off. I’m sorry, it is late, and I don’t want to jump out there and say “nukes” were stopped from being fired…but I do vaguely remember where they intervened to stop us from using them.

    I just went to Google and found it:


  2. Sorry to inform Mr. Hawkings but they’ve already been here and found the women of man to be beautiful….and have already planted their genetic coding into the human race.

    He’s a little too late by a few millennium to be giving that warning! Why do scientists always believe they are the only ones with all the information?


      • I agree! People no longer think for themselves much anymore. They’d rather have someone tell them what they are suppose to feel, say or do. I guess I’m one of those stubborn ones that doesn’t believe in being PC, or allowing anyone to tell me what to think or do. I’m not a sheeple….I’m a people! LOL!


    • Hawkings has always been very negative.

      I think(?) I told you this one time. One of the young men in my church grew up and went to work for NASA. He was/is so brilliant but had to wear loafers because he couldn’t remember how to tie his shoes. He had lived in Ft. Worth all of his life and couldn’t remember how to get home.

      His mind and intelligence was always “out there”… in physics, astro-physics (sp?), etc.

      Neal (the physicist for NASA) told me that we had already met them; and they were NOT violent (this specific group.) They were/or are still waiting for us to grow up a little (I don’t know how long that is going to take).


      • Yep…you had told me about that fella. Lots of educated smarts but not much in the way of common sense!

        I met a lady…many years ago now….who said that she had met one of the hybrids ( human /alien) . He had worked for NASA….he had a human wife and they had a son. I asked if one could tell by looking at him that he was not fully human. She said no….you couldn’t tell. He was tall, blond and blue eyed…though his blue eyes were a different shade of blue than usual….more intense color.


  3. This just came back to mind; and Dixie, I don’t remember If I told you about this or not. I was in a pharmacy (a mom and pop type pharmacy years ago… around 1977). I was standing there waiting to have my prescription filled…I got it, and turned to walk away and this woman came up to me and said,

    “You are one of them!” I looked at her puzzled, and her eyes got big; and she said it again….”I know you won’t hurt me…but you are one of them!”

    She turned and, literally, ran out the door!


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