6 comments on “The Truth May Scare You: More on the Illuminati

      • When I see a new conspiracy theory, I approach it with several guiding principles:

        What seems to good to be true is.

        Never attribute to malice what is sufficiently explained by ignorance.


        I have knowledge of complex systems, big data, networks and so on. I can tell you how to cripple a city or country with less than 25 people involved. The conspiracy theories pale quickly in comparison to actualities of life. They are clunky and inefficient with nefarious goals that have no real meaning. Understanding where our superstitions and traditions come from is very important.

        To dissect a conspiracy theory takes a lot of effort because you have to explain ALL the stuff that the theorist did not. Had they given full information and scientific study of what they present, there would be no more conspiracy to talk about. This is a clue that it’s false when you find they answered fewer questions than they raise.


        • Very good point. I am one of those who thinks that we are being manipulated but it’s not so hidden. It’s in your face. The values you should adhere to are given to you by education, media, etc. The truth is far stranger than fiction in this case. But not too many people want to go there.


  1. I would say that your fears/concerns might be valid if the manipulation were coming only from one source. The truth is that many groups are trying to manipulate us, all at the same time. Funnily enough, they all have differing agendas, the most common of which is to part you from your hard earned money/resources.

    Most of the people that talk about ‘they’ or ‘the government’ in conspiratorial tones have no valid reason or motivation for why ‘they’ do what they are supposed to do.

    This particular series leans very heavily on Christian narrative to demonize the music industry as Illuminati, which to this day remains an amorphous label that has no real definition from one usage to the next. A look at wikipedia will show what I mean.

    All of the symbology in these videos can be traced to memes. Ronnie James Dio popularized the horns in metal when he joined Black Sabbath and it was all him till pop music (BSpears) started doing it too. The 666 sign became a meme. Remember when rock music was demonic? The theme here in the videos is that nobody uses these meme/signs except as deep meaningful symbols of their hidden agendas. No, it couldn’t possibly be part of the act… not at all. In fact, these videos lean strongly on the implied thought that nobody uses symbols without knowing what they mean. Do you know why people say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes? Why black cats are bad luck? Why talismans are lucky?

    How self conscious would people have to be to avoid ever using a sign without thinking about it after it has become a meme? This business of looking for evil behind every bush and back is the business of witch hunters. Oh yeah, modern witch hunters all happen to be … you guessed it… Christians.

    Pulling the whole series apart would take a long time. They explain nothing but work hard to lead you down the path to think what is not true without them telling you to think it directly. Some questions:

    Why is all the evidence mainly from black musicians?
    Why is all the evidence mainly from the music industry?
    Where are the world leaders in this information? Oh yeah, hand signs.
    Where is the motivation? What is the goal? Control? Of what, for what?

    The only thing these videos are leading you to is a wrong conclusion about unrelated things which ‘seem’ to somehow be related if you buy into the Christian end times narrative. Did they point out anyone making the horns sign and say ‘no, this guy is not illuminati … he’s just playing up for popularity’ ? Nope, they want you to think every time it is used it is because of some unidentifiable group of people who are trying to control the world. Control that they can’t explain the motivation for nor explain what will happen when it is gained.

    Even if one or more of the pictures are of ‘illuminati members’ making a hand gesture, these films do not show this to be true nor give credible reason to think their conclusion is true. lmagine for a moment if you were running a secret society. Would you popularize the hand signs or would you invent more if they got popular as memes? Now, as they are memes, anyone using them can’t be trusted to be what the hand sign seems to mean they are. It becomes pointless.

    Just as we talk about people being ‘angels’ or ‘demons’ to characterize their general demeanor, we borrow from the occult in various ways. The group most guilty of borrowing from the occult is in fact the Christian religion itself. The Christian narrative in these videos is unappologetic for what the Christian religion has borrowed from the occult but all too happy to say that if anyone else does it they are in league with the devil (as if such a being existed). This is to say that everything presented is done so as to lead you to come to a conclusion that ‘they’ are out to get us while never actually explaining anything. Such stories make compelling books of fiction, but as “truth” it fails every test of logic and reason.

    One would do well to note from other sources exactly how deeply entrenched in Christianity the US black music scene is. Paranoia and persecution complex in US religious groups is in high gear right now. If you isolate events to the black music industry you can find enough to make a convincing sounding story to support a persecution complex. Their use of famous people telling you to think critically is a trick to get you to think believing the hype in the video is to think critically… it’s not. When you think critically about these videos it’s not hard to see the bullshit shining through.


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