2 comments on “Is coding the new second language?

  1. Great article, thank you. I just wrote an article (in French) to defend the idea of coding classes from young age on at my blog : http://www.beerbergman.com/lang/fr/2013/05/pourquoi-coder-devrait-figurer-dans-le-cursus-scolaire-des-la-primaire/ and I will diffuse your article in my networks!

    One of the reasons I find coding classes important, is the gender issue, coupled with ethics: women and men have a different view on society and coding is interfering with how society works. Therefore, I think it is very important that the passion of coding spreads equally among girls and boys, and there seems to be no better place to obtain that than… school.


    • Right on BB, may I translate your excellent article and re-post it here ? I understand how important coding is but I admit I don’t find it “easy”. It is not only a new language but a different kind of language that we have learn with a new mindset. Thank you. lou


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