One comment on “Cops Interrogate Family For Allowing Kids To Play Outside

  1. It makes me sad that kids don’t get to experience the carefree activities I did and even my son did. Spending from dawn til dusk building forts, not wanting to stop to eat and if mom was really nice she would pack you a picnic to take out to your fort. A time when two or more kids got together and someone would say what do you want to do and someone else would pipe up with,”Lets pretend………” now kids can say,”lets pretend we’re outside”. Or do they even know what pretending is? Everything is imagined for them, virtual lives played by remote control. Parents can’t let their kids play outside and they can’t spank them for misbehavior. Soon they will be nothing more than sperm donors with no rights whatsoever.My son played for hours with other children in the forest, it was a small community where every one knew everyone else and we all watched out for all the kids.There was Mrs Hickman (and the kids called her MRS ) who alwayshad cookies ready for any hungry little ones that knocked on her door. There was a dad always available to help with a chain that came off so.eone’s


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