Okinawa Island is “The Healthiest Place on Earth”

» Okinawa Island is “The Healthiest Place on Earth” Zazen Life.


From Zazen Life, March 26, 2012

The secret to living a long and healthy life has been found at this tiny island off the coast of Japan.

Okinawa Island is home of at least 450 people who are over the age of 100.

It is considered to be the healthiest place in the world, where the average life expectancy of an Okinawan woman is 86, and man’s is 78. Not only do they live long lives, they live very healthy and happy ones too.

Okinawa man

The most popular examples of strong and healthy elders that live in Okinawa are 96-year-old martial artist Seikichi Uehara, who defeated a thirty year old ex-boxing champion,  and also Nabi Kinjo, the 105-year-old woman who hunted down a poisonous snake and killed it with a fly swatter.

The Okinawans’ secret to living consists of two things – their food, and their attitude towards life.

Don’t Worry, About a Thing!

The people who live on this island have no worries at all, especially the older people. The word “stress”seems non-existant on this island. The elders explained that the medicine for a long life is to always be happy. They explain that if you enjoy life and you hardly get angry, you will live a long and healthy one.

You might be saying, “I hear that all the time. Stress kills, tell me something I don’t know already.”

But over 450 people on this small island are over 100 years old. Its amazing if you think about it.

How many people do you know personally over the age of 100? I don’t know anyone that old.

That isn’t even the amazing part. These 100+ year olds are capable of doing labor on farms and at their houses. I personally know a hand full of people who can’t even get off of their couches, and they aren’t even 70 yet!

If Man Made it, Don’t Eat It

Okinawa is home of one of the purest diets.

The Okinawan diet seems to be the healthiest in the world as well. Their regular diet is based  largely on rice, fish and vegetables. One of their popular dishes, Mimiga, is made from pig ears – low in fat and high in calcium. They also eat plenty of tofu, and vegetables such as Goiya and sweet potato. The Okinawan sweet potato is extremely nutritious. One baked potato is said to contain over 20,000 IU of beta carotene and Vitamin A.

Okinawa diet

They preach that eating a fresh and natural diet is key to living a long life.

I have been inspired to live a long and healthy life after researching this island, and why not take advice from such a reputable source?


From Wiki:

Okinawa Prefecture (沖縄県 Japanese: Okinawa-ken?, Okinawan: Uchinaa-ken) is one of Japan‘s southern prefectures.[1] It consists of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) long, which extends southwest from Kyūshū (the southwesternmost of Japan’s main four islands) to Taiwan. Okinawa’s capital, Naha, is located in the southern part of Okinawa Island.[2] The disputed Senkaku Islands (Mandarin: Diaoyu Islands) are administered as part of Okinawa Prefecture.

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