3 comments on “3 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and De-Stress

  1. Taking a long walk with my dog Kato does wonders for lowering my stress level; walking with 3 dogs- not so much. Btw that first picture is the spitting image of me after a walk with 3 dogs. Haha


  2. Fish oil is constituted of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, both lacking in American diets. As a general guideline, a 130 pound woman should aim to take 1700 mg EPA and 1300 mg DHA daily, a 170 pound woman should take 2500 mg EPA and 2000 mg DHA daily, and a 230 pound woman should take 3400 mg EPA and 2600 mg DHA daily. These amounts may be scaled down for someone as light as 100 pounds, but lighter women are cautioned against the regimen.:

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