10 comments on “Six Monolithic Corporations That Control Nearly Everything We Watch, Hear And Read

    • Have you noticed an increase in your mental health once you disconnect from the hive ? I have. Took a while to get used to it but now I have a precious commodity: Time. Time that I can use as I see fit. No commercials, no indoctrination…


      • I am occassionally tempted back to Netflix for shows, but I have found that I am most intolerant to commercials now that I am unplugged.

        You are right on – I don’t have the time.


  1. And I’m meant to feel like a tin foil hat crank whenever I brooch subjects like this with anyone other than my closest friends.

    I stopped watching TV a few years ago when I began to notice things about M*A*S*H reruns of all things.

    I began to notice huge chunks of the show would go missing to make room for more commercials. I knew this because I had the episodes memorized by watching them for years, and I would be like, “hey, what happened to that part? where did it go?”

    It used to be, that you were paying for cable for no commercials. Nowadays they get your money, and then more money again by commercialing at you anyway.

    I gave up.



    • It’s frustrating and have you noticed that the commercial model of entertainment is already seeping through the Net ? Like, watch a Youtube video and suffer the stupid 15/30 seconds commercials, etc.


      • I have this disorder that keeps me from NOT noticing commercials. Just the other day I got that Fran show ad and was served without a close button.

        There it was, stuck in the middle of the web page I was trying to read. Had to reload. Stuff drives me loony I tells ya.


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