4 comments on “Why is Marijuana Illegal? | The Health Aspects of Cannabis

  1. The federal government holds the patent on medical marijuana and many researchers have published recently that we all are born with cannabis in our brains and that those people who fall asleep have a very high concentration of cannabis at birth and the people who it wakes up have a very low concentration of cannabis from birth in their brains. Cannabis is linked in these same studies to the stimulating of neurotransmitters in the same way that anti-depressants do. Our government has been lying to us for decades about their studies on the subject.


  2. Marijuana is a completely harmless substance. We aren’t telling the truth about pot and it is just ridiculous. Pot has so many more benefits than negative side-effects its not even comparable. It is a natural plant that grows on the same earth we do. To make a plant illegal, and make the act of smoking it, which harms no one at all, illegal, is just complete blasphemy. I hope one day we will open our minds and pot will be legalized. Do you believe marijuana will ever be legal worldwide?

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    • I am at the point that I don’t care if marijuana is legal or not. I’ll take it until the day I die. It’s a gift from the Gods to this stressed out population. Of course,I live in Canada so it’s easy to be a martyr here. Yes, I believe it will be legalized. Personally, I would like to put in jail all the opponents of marijuana that lied with deceit in their heart (criminal intent). But let me smoke a doobie and I’ll even forgive them. Maybe…


  3. In the grand scheme of things, marijuana is probably less harmful than most other psychoactive substances — including alcohol. From the perspective of a recoverying addict, it seems to me that the attempt to regulate legal and illicit drugs has failed miserably. A new approach is necessary but those in power are afraid that everyone will suddenly become potheads (or worse, crackheads). The fact of the matter is that regulation has had little impact on addiction, and has probably had a more harmful effect on both society and those who suffer from addiction.

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